About Me

My name is Sicong (or Kevin, since most people can't pronounce my name correctly).

Currently I'm working as a software engineer in Auckland, New Zealand.

In the past few years, I've been actively making contributions to open source projects. Some of the projects I have contributed to include:

  • Mattermost ➡ Golang
  • Neovim ➡ C
  • Feeder ➡ Kotlin

When I'm not programming, I enjoy reading books, playing video games, and also photography.

I've been a Linux user since 2011. Nowadays, I use Linux at home and MacOS at work. I still have a Windows 7 machine, which I use for gaming.

You can find a selection of my photography works here

Tech Stack

Node.JS, React, Golang, Python, C (maybe?), LaTex (what's that?)

Most of my development work is done in the terminal and I use Neovim with Coc and various plugins.

I'm also an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate



You can contact me via email: hi@jiangsc.me


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